During the concept phase of a project, whether it is for an entire theme park, a stage show or a parade, The Costume Connection team brings valuable creative insight to the storytelling process.

  • Generate ideas with an eye toward the reality of execution.
  • Collaborate with passion.
  • Pursue the sense of adventure in each project.



The Costume Connection creates compelling designs which enhance every aspect of the story.

  • Balance creativity with the budget.
  • Provide illustrations suitable for marketing art and production.
  • Develop a fully integrated costume and wardrobe program.


Production Design and Development

The Costume Connection will source, procure, prepare and manage the product development process.

  • Establish procurement and production timelines.
  • Source materials.
  • Source and vet fabrication vendors.
  • Document all elements of fabrication.
  • Manage logistics.


Mounting – Operations + Beyond

The Costume Connection will manage the fabrication of costume and wardrobe inventories with the ultimate goal being a fully integrated program.

  • Execute a smooth transition to operations.
  • Manage show mounting and soft opening requirements.
  • Create ‘proper dress’ image manual at Operations’ request.
  • Document maintenance requirements.
  • Implement a 5+ year quality control program.